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We know how your feel... like you're setting foot into a swamp of unknowns...

Look!Do I really need a Website?
Look!What's the bottom line?
Look!What's if I need more space?
Look!How will customers find me?
Look!Are other options available as I grow?
At Tio Loco we are dedicated to creating a Website that not only reflects the personality of your business, but brings you more business.

If you have more questions, contact Tio Loco.

Question My business is small, my customers are local. Why do I need a Website?
Answer I see your future... According to GartnerGroup business-to-consumer e-commerce, now a $31 billion market will hit $380 billion by 2003.

Researchers report 64 percent of Internet users have expressed an intent to buy online and Investors Business Daily reports 18.5% of U.S. adults aged 18 and over are now online.

Your customers may be local, but more and more of them are turning to the Internet for information before they buy! Having a presence on the Internet links your business with their self image of "Web awareness".

At Tio Loco, our no-nonsense pricing and proven search engine optimization makes a Website the most economical advertising meduim going! If you're using the Yellow Pages for advertising, the cost of a Tio Loco web site will be a welcome relief!

Question O.K., what is the bottom line? What is it really going to cost?
Answer At Tio Loco, we try to make it as simple as possible. To get started:
  • Website hosting with our Econo-host package:
    • Free Setup
    • $16.66 per month for hosting (when paid annually)

  • Free Domain name registration*

  • Tio Loco design services - $45/hr.* (about half of what most firms charge) including:

       *A word about billing - at Tio Loco, we consider ourselves to be a partner in your success. We only bill for time spent actually working on your website. We don't bill for the time spent thinking about your site while driving or standing in line at the supermarket. We don't bill for the time it takes to listen to a voice mail from you. You only pay for the work we do.

Question What if I need more server space or bandwidth in the future?
Answer In todays world of multi-gigabyte computer hard drives, 125 MB of server space does not sound like much, but in fact, this entire Website uses less than 1 MB of space.

Should you require additional server space and/or bandwidth, both are always available at very competitive costs.

Question Out of the millions of Websites, how will customers find mine?
Answer Submitting your Website to search engines does not insure that customers will be able to find you. At Tio Loco, we use proven methods to get your Website the best ranking possible in the search engines that people use most.

The ranking formulas used by various search engines are always changing, but at Tio Loco, we use monthly research reports and cutting edge software to get and keep a good ranking for your business.

Question I expect my business to grow. Are more advanced options available?
Answer Your Tio Loco hosted Website can grow right along with your business.

Your account comes pre-configured for PHP and PERL scripting, MySQL databases, and all of the supporting infastructure for a modern web site. Tio Loco hosted sites can include hit counters, online shopping systems, visitor forums (BBS), guest books, fill-in-the-blank forms, autoresponders, database driven content and more.

Additional options include SSL data encryption for online payment processing, and FTP site hosting to allow visitors to download files from your site. Tio Loco will always make available whatever your site need in the way of emerging technologies.

* When paid annually .com, .org, or .net domains only
Other domains, including geographic domains are subject to surcharges, depending on the registrar.
Subject to domain availability.

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